Stois Is The Frendship/Romance Paring Of St/evie and L/ois. This Paring is Mostly a Love-Hate Freindship.Stois is Most Shipped Through The Cast. In Season 2 He and Lois will date But Dina Jenkins will try to get Stevie Away From Lois.


Shipped Charcters

Stevie Parklie and Lois Falee


Dating (Starting Second Race )

Ship Rivals

Loric and Steric Relationship

Famous Stois ShippersEdit

Stois MomentsEdit

Dylan Alley

  • They both like Onion Garden's breadsticks.
  • They (Along with Gracie) have a food fight.

Do Not Get Hurt!

  • She was worried about Stevie.
  • She calls out Peter,possibly so he can come to the pool with her.
  • Lois cheers on Stevie


  • She ends up asking Stevie for help.

Going Hollywood

  • Lois asks Stevie to the dance.
  • Stevie kisses her.
  • They babysit Maggie and bust her.

New Twins

  • They go to the skate park together
  • They ding dong ditch together.
  • They make fun of the man together.


  • Stevie has his arm around Lois.
  • They egg houses together.
  • Stevie tries to kiss her.
  • Lois kisses her on the cheek.

A Christmas Story

  • Lois makes him stop singing.
  • They go to the mall together
  • They become Santa and his Elf.