July 30 1999 (age 15)



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Taken By Surprise

portayed by

Noah Clark

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New Talent

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Long Gone

Love Intrest

Eric Lange (Past Crush) Lois Falee (Girlfreind as of Second Race)

Stevie Parklie Is a main character in the show Dylan Kart


Stevie is a bit of an airhead. He can be mischievous. He is one of the best racers on the track. He's a good friend. And he has a possible crush on Lois. He only interacts with Eric and Lois. Eric is his best friend since 2nd grade. Gracie is fairly nice to him. She likes his happy nature. Lois likes him as a best friend. Peter can be nice to him. But only for something in return. In Season 2. He dates Lois,but is flirted on by Dina Jenkins.

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