Peter Russo Is One Of The Main Characters in Dylan Kart



October 12 1998 (age 16)

Absent Episode's

Dylan Alley



First Apperance

New Talent

Last Apperance

Long Gone

Portrayed by

Dorian Pletcha


Peter can be considered as a laid back guy. Even if he is laid back,He seems weird (Liking weird things) and doing crazy things (Trying to kiss Gracie,etc) He can be idotic,but only when Stevie's not around. He likes Gracie. In Season 2,He gets over his crush on Gracie and is more of a lady's man. Lois starts to feud with him more,causing Peter to like Abby Daniels.

In Season 3 He Gets More Grown And Breaks Up with Abby and Goes After Lois When She Is On A Break with Stevie.

Relationships With Other CharactersEdit

Eric Lange (Unknown-Present) FreindsEdit

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Stevie Parklie (Unknown-Present) FreindsEdit

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Gracie Pena (Unknown-Present) Formal Crush And Best FreindEdit

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Lois Falee (Unknown -Present ) Bully FreinmesEdit

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