Pecie is the Romantic/Freindship Paring. Peter Has A Crush On Her.


Shipped Characters

Peter Russo And Gracie Pena

Ship Rivals

Eracie Leter


Freinds (Peters Crush)

Pecie MomentsEdit

New TalentEdit

  • She's surprised Peter knows how to dress.

Do Not Get Hurt!Edit

  • They both,(With Eric and Lois) go to the pool.
  • They both (With Lois) back up Eric

The First RaceEdit

* Peter constantly makes fun of Gracie

  • As of this episode,Peter stops crushing on Dina.

Stevie's New TrackEdit

* Peter wanted to go to the movies,possibly to be with Gracie.

Going HollywoodEdit

  • Peter reveals his crush on Gracie
  • They are seen together the whole episode.
  • They kiss.

The Gang Takes A VacationEdit

  • Peter asks her out


  • Peter tries to get her to date him.

A Christmas StoryEdit

  • They both break the fourth wall
  • Peter gets her a present
  • Peter knows she likes One Direction
  • He reveals his crush,Gracie to Eric.
  • They talk about they're friendship