Eracie Is The Romantic Paring Of Eric And Gracie.This Pairing is Considerd Likely

The Eracie Animal

Shipped Characters

Eric Lange And Gracie Pena

Ship Rivals

Pecie,Steric Relationship and Loric


Best Freinds (Possible Crushes)

If Your Looking for The Real Life Ship See Lylan

Also CalledEdit

  • Greric (Gr/acie and Eric)
  • Eriacie (Eri/c and Gr/acie)
  • Graric (Grac/ie and E/ric)
  • Ericracie (Eric and G/racie)
  • Gracic (Grac/ie and Er/ic)
  • Eracie (Er/ic and Gr/acie)
  • Geric (G/racie and Eric)
  • Graciric (Graci/e and E/ric)

Eracie MommentsEdit

New TalentEdit

  • They Both Say eatchothers Name
  • Eric first tells Gracie about him winning the course

Dylan AlleyEdit

  • Gracie Tells Lois That she Likes Eric
  • She Thinks He is Nice
  • She Thinks He is Cute
  • They Go On A Double Date

Do Not Get Hurt!Edit

  • He Helps Gracie Up
  • They Both Smile at Eachother

The First RaceEdit

  • Eric Gives Gracie Gas For The Race
  • He was the only one not to be mean to her.


  • Eric Knows she shows Affection to him
  • Eric Tells Everybody But Gracie He Likes Her

Stevie's New TrackEdit

  • She Tries To Impress Eric
  • She Gives Him A Comic Book
  • She Takes Him To A Movie

Taken By Surprise

  • She gets him a drawing
  • Her (And Lois) are the main helpers for his birthday
  • She says he's amazing
  • She says they need more people like him

Return From Break

  • They go on a date.
  • They both are mad at Stevie

New Twins

  • Gracie thinks Eric hates her
  • She helps him fight the twins
  • She cries over him


  • She tries telling him she likes him
  • Eric goes to back Joey up,,because he may be shy to tell her the truth

A Christmas Story

  • They kiss!!
  • She finds the kiss as "A rush"
  • Eric DOES have a crush on her
  • He gives her a great present.
  • She loves her present.

New Year

  • Gracie gets super jealous when Eric goes on his date.
  • Eric is trying not to prove his crush
  • Gracie tries convinving him to fall in love with her.


  • Someone yells about Gracie's crush.

Victorious Kart

  • Robbie,Cat and Gracie makes a present for Eric.
  • Gracie hates when her Eric plans don't go right.
  • They are seen dancing together in Make it Dynamite.

Second race

  • Gracie continued looking at him in the song

The Cabin

  • Gracie was worried for Eric.
  • Eric holded her from danger.