Dylan Kart is A Long Running Live-Action Comedy TV Show. Starring Dylan,Noah,Lauren,Stephanie,John and

Dylan Kart
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First Aired

September 2,2012

Last aired

August 12,2013




14(aired} 56(ordered)

 and Elizabeth. .Starting Production in 2011. Nick Did not Greenlit Pecie and Steric For Unknown Reasons. On July 8,2012 Nick Announced a New Saga unknown to Season 2. On July 17,2012 Nick Announced That a Stois Saga will Be In The Season 2. Stephanie announced that Season 2 might Have a Crossover with a Unknown Show.......Maybe Drew. Lauren announced That Stina will is Greenlit. On July 19,2012 Nick announced That Dylan Kart Has Moved To Disney Just For DIRECtv. On July 19,2012 Dylan Posted on Facebook that Dylan Kart Is Going TO HAVE A BIG SURPRISE IN SEASON 2! On July 19,2012 Lauren announced That Stevie and Gracie will Hang alot ......While Eric And Lois get Jealous from it. On July 20,2012 Nick/Disney Had announced That A Season 3 and a Threatical Film was In Order and Set To Release In 2014. On July 20,2012 Dylan announced That A Season 4 is to be thought But 1 hour Later Nick announced That The Show will Just Have 6 Seasons. On July 20,2012 Dylan Confirmed That He will Voice a Character in a New Children Series On Nick Called Dinosuar Time Travel a new Cartoon. On July 20,2012 a Season 1 Volume 1 DVD Was announced.

On July 21,2012 Dylan announced That Stevie and Lois Might break Up In Season 3 On July 21,2012 Jeremy announced that Abby and Peter may get together in Season 2 or 3.

On August 16,2012 Dylan Said Dylan Kart has Been Cancelled.


Dylan Troy as Eric Lange

Noah Clark as Stevie Parklie

Lauren Stauffer as Gracie Pena

Stephanie Novak as Lois Falee

Dorian Pletcha as Peter Russo

Elizabeth McGarry as Liz Lange


Victorious Kart

Drew Kart


  • A Episode is Filmed at Kennywood

Video GamesEdit

Dylan Kart The Video Game (PS3,XBOX 360,Wii ,3DS)

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