Season 1, Episode 5
Air date October 12,2012
Written by Dylan Troy
Directed by Robin Weiner
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Dating is the fifth episode of season 1


Eric Beleves Lois Has a crush on him when she tells him a girl in school likes him.So He and Peter Tried too figure out who likes him

Meanwhile Stevie helps Lois tell Eric the truth that Gracie Is The Girl


Lois:Gracie isn't here. Oh well. I gotta break the news to Eric then!

Stevie:Lois! Let me help! I overheard you two talking about it! Remember?

Lois:Wait,what?! I don't need your help!

Stevie: Fine!

Eric:Hey guys!

Lois:Eric! Um..I need to tell you something! There's this girl,and she likes you! And um..that's all.

Eric:A girl? Ohh! Sorry,I just don't like you that way. Bye..

Lois:Wait! What?! I don't! Stevie!

Stevie:Oh,now you need my help.

(Theme song plays)



Eric:I think Lois likes me! But Grace shows SOME affection to me! We have to figure out if she likes me! Come on!


Eric:Suzie! Do you like me?

Suzie:(slaps Eric)

Eric:She's off.

Peter:(Checks her off the list)

Eric:Dina? Do you have a crush on me?

Dina:I'm a 12th grader!

Peter:Off the list (Checks her off)

(They go around asking girls if they like Eric)

Eric:It's true. Lois IS the one! No! This can't be!

Peter:Drama King..

Eric:I like Gracie,but she probably doesn't like me!

Lois:Hey! Eric!

(Commercial Break)

Eric:Um..(Gulp) Yeah?

Stevie:She has to tell you that..She's not the one.

Eric:You aren't?

Lois:Eww! No!

Eric:Thank heavens!

Lois:What's wrong with me,anyways?


Eric:Nothing! It's nothing! I just like someone else! Um.. Gracie! Yeah,Gracie!

Lois:I knew it! (Runs off)

Stevie:(Follows her)

Peter:You like Gracie

Eric:Maybe..She might be the one.

(End Credits


  • This Episode is also Called The Crush or The Lucky Lady?
  • This Episode Is About Eracie


  • Lauren Stauffer as Gracie Pena